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[802SEC] Comments on P802.3bp PAR and 5C from 802 EC

Dear members of the 802 EC,

Thank you for your comments on the IEEE P802.3bp PAR and 5C.  These comments
came from 802.11 via Jon Rosdahl:

"2.1 Title: suggest that the ?amendment:? is missing. 
	Typically a title for an amendment has ?amendment? in the title.
E.g.  the base title followed by ?amendment: ? and then the amendment title.
8.1 ? Delete the 5.2 note.

5C- in Compatibility, delete last bullet."

We also received this comment from Peter Balma of NesCom:

?Subject: NesCom Comment for P802.3bp
Peter Balma on  1 Nov 2012 at 08:12 wrote:
It would apperar (sic) that the note in 8.1 is significant enough that it
should be put in 5.2b?  Also, fo (sic) clarification the titles of the
standards in the note should be provided.?

Our response was worked out in a meeting with Jon Rosdahl, 1st Vice Chair of
802.11 and NesCom Chair:

The PAR title actually does contain the word ?Amendment," and no change has
been made to the PAR. Please see below, or the PDF of the PAR which is
attached to this email:

2.1 Title: Approved Draft Standard for Ethernet Amendment Physical Layer
Specifications and Management Parameters for 1Gb/s Operation over Fewer than
Three Twisted Pair Copper Cable

The colon is missing, but we have no control over that, as you know.

We accept both of your changes:

8.1 ? Delete the 5.2 note. This has been done.  Please see the attached PDF
of the P802.3bp PAR.

5C- in Compatibility, delete last bullet. This has been done. Please see the
attached PDF of the P802.3bp 5C.

This returns our PAR and 5C to the version we had in July. We believe this
also addresses the comment from Peter Balma of NesCom.



Steven B. Carlson
Chair, Reduced Twisted Pair Gigabit Ethernet PHY Study Group
Executive Secretary, IEEE 802.3 Working Group
High Speed Design, Inc.
Portland, OR  

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