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[802SEC] Follow-up on changes suggested for 5C --

I submitted a proposed change to the 5C from 802.11 last Tuesday, and have not had any feedback on the change suggestion.
Based on the proposed 5C changes in 802 EC-12/56r2
I have noted the proposed change here:
 1.5 Economic Feasibility
  replace the 2nd sentence with ?The proposed project shall provide a summary of the ?cost for performance? analysis, showing the assessment factors including, at a minimum, the affect of installation costs.
Remove a), b) and c)
Rationale: State the metrics, then use them in assessments (in b)  with a single question and allow WG to provide assessments.)
The current statement of Economic Feasibility lends itself to a desire to write 3 separate paragraphs.  Clarifying and consolidating the statement would make the response more informative.
Comments? Thoughts?

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