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[802SEC] IEEE 802.18 Documents for Friday's Closing EC Meeting

Dear John and the EC,


Please find the documents/motions/vote totals for the four documents that 802.18 approved this week.


None of these documents represents a new topic for the EC. All, including the one dealing with the 902 – 928 MHz band and the M-MLS license holders, are topics that we have commented on before or represent continuing work on ITU-R topics especially IMT. Therefor I am asking that they be placed on the consent agenda.


All of these documents are available on the IEEE 802.18 Mentor web site.


ME - 18-12-0117-01 “Draft request to FCC for a Public Notice requesting comments to Progeny M-LMS testing” – IEEE 802.18/IEEE 802 have for many years opposed the various petitions from Progeny and other 900 MHz M-LMS to either be allowed more time to build out their networks or waiver of other FCC rules. The FCC has, as an exception, created a “safe harbor” for license exempt devices in the 902 – 928 MHz frequency band. The FCC allowed Progeny a limited build out with a requirement to report the impact on Part 15 devices. The tests did show interference into the unlicensed “protected” services. This document requests that the FCC publish a Public Notice requesting comments on the Progeny M-LMS testing results. Approval was 3/0/0


ME – 18-12-0116-01 “Report to External Organizations on P802.16.3 Progress” – This provides an update to various external organizations, including the FCC, on the status of P802.16.3. Approval was 3/0/1.


ME – 18-12-0118-01 “Draft LS to WP 5D: Comments on Working Doc toward a PDNR on the use of IMT for broadband PPDR” – This document from IEEE 802.16 provides comments to ITU-R WP5D on the use of IMT technologies to provide broadband support for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR). The only IEEE 802 WG with a technology listed in the ITU-R IMT Recommendations is IEEE 802.16. Approval was 4/0/0.


ME – 18-12-0114-02 “Draft comments to FCC Wireless Microphone Refresh Proceeding”. This contribution was developed by IEEE 802.22. The FCC rules regarding the use of wireless microphones impacts the use of the “TV white space” frequency bands, hence they impact the deployment of the IEEE 802.22 technology. This document proposes the FCC make changes to the rules during this “refresh proceeding”. Approval was 4/0/0.


Glad to discuss.






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