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Re: [802SEC] +++ 30 day EC email ballot ++++ Proposed changes to 802 P&P


I vote approve.

James Gilb
As either IEEE 802 Second Vice Chair or IEEE 802.24 TAG Chair, but not both.

On 12/03/2012 02:24 PM, James P. K. Gilb wrote:
802 EC members

We received a comment on our proposed P&P.  In our old P&P, public
statements require only majority vote, however in the new baseline, they
require super majority vote.

In keeping with our old P&P, I had moved this from super majority to
simple majority.   However, in that baseline, the super majority items
are not allowed to be moved to simple majority.

Hence, I have posted a new proposed P&P to mentor at
and I have attached a copy as well.

This email serves as the submission 30 days in advance of the conclusion
of an electronic ballot to approve them.  I propose the following motion
to be confirmed by an EC electronic ballot that concludes on January 3,

This motion is proposed using the process defined in "Revision of
Sponsor P&P" in our currently approved Sponsor P&P.

Moved: The 802 EC approves the document ec-12-0084-00-00EC as the IEEE
802 LMSC Policies and Procedures that will be submitted to AudCom for
approval, with editorial changes allowed.

Moved: James Gilb
Second: Jon Rosdahl

Reference, from Clause 12 of IEEE 802's approved P&P:

12 Revision of Sponsor P&P

Revisions to these P&P shall be submitted to the sponsor no less than 30
day in advance of a motion (or conclusion of an electronic ballot) to
approve them. Amendments in response to comments on the P&P are
permitted. Insufficient time to consider complex amendments is a valid
reason to vote disapprove. A motion to revise the Sponsor P&P shall
require a vote of approve by at least two thirds of all members of the

Second Vice Chair's note regarding threshold for passing the motion:
We have 5 officers, 9 WG/TAG chairs, 2 chairs of hibernating WGs and 2
member emeriti
  - 10 WGs/TAGs, but count Gilb in officers, not as TAG chair
  - 18 members, 2/3 approval is 12 affirmative votes

James Gilb
IEEE 802 Second Vice Chair

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