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[802SEC] EC ballot electronic results - IEEE 802.3 Distinguished Minimum Latency Traffic in a Converged Traffic Environment Study Group press release

Dear EC members,

In respect to the IEEE 802.3 Distinguished Minimum Latency Traffic in a Converged Traffic Environment Study Group press release 10 day EC ballot, the ballot closed on Friday 8th February, 11:59PM AOE, the results of the ballot are as follows. 

I received 4 comments and I have attached an updated draft (IEEE_802d3_DMLT_press_release_D13.pdf) as well as a diff (IEEE_802d3_DMLT_press_release_D13_diff.pdf) to show the changes made in respect of these comments - details of the comments are recorded below.

Based on these results I will now go ahead and ask the IEEE-SA to issue the release.

Thanks and best regards,

 Vote categories:         NV     APP    DIS    ABS    DNV
 VC Pat Thaler                   APP     
 VC James Gilb                   APP with comments (3)
 ES Jon Rosdahl                  APP
 RS John D'Ambrosia              APP
 TR Clint Chaplin                APP
 01 Tony Jeffree                 APP
 03 David Law                    APP
 11 Bruce Kraemer                APP with comment (1)
 15 Bob Heile                    APP
 16 Roger Marks                  APP
 17 John Lemon            NV
 18 Mike Lynch                   APP
 19 Steve Shellhammer            APP
 20 Radhakrishna Canchi   NV
 21 Subir Das                    APP
 22 Apurva Mody                  APP                     
 24 James Gilb    Only gets one vote
 OE Max Riegel            NV
 ME Geoff Thompson        NV
 ME Buzz Rigsbee          NV
 20 TOTALS                06     14     00      00    00

James comments:

[1] Top of first page: Should there be a period after "industrial automation and automotive"?

[2] Bottom of the first page, it would be Orlando, Florida or Orlando, FL, but not Orlando, Fla

In respect to comments [1] and [2], I'm told the text is correct to Associated Press style, which particularly in respect to the abbreviation for Florida, was news to me ;-)

[3] Second page, first paragraph, "for global expertise to come together in collaboration", "experts" can come together and collaborate, but I don't think that "expertise" can.

ACCEPT. The text '.. for global expertise to come together ..' has been updated to read 'for global experts to come together ..'.

Bruce comments:

[4] Note: there are some strange font size changes in the document I presume will be removed before publication.

ACCEPT. The draft should now contain only the correct fonts.

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Attachment: IEEE_802d3_DMLT_press_release_D13.pdf
Description: IEEE_802d3_DMLT_press_release_D13.pdf

Attachment: IEEE_802d3_DMLT_press_release_D13_diff.pdf
Description: IEEE_802d3_DMLT_press_release_D13_diff.pdf