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[802SEC] Proposed rule changes


According to "4.1.5 Revision of the IEEE 802 LMSC OM and IEEE 802 LMSC WG P&P" in the IEEE 802 Operations Manual, "Revisions to these documents shall be submitted by a Sponsor member to the Sponsor no less than 30 day in advance of a Sponsor Vote to approve them."

Under that rule for consideration at out closing plenary on 22 March 2013, I am submitting the following documents for proposed revisions:


Which contains, what I think, are relatively minor changes for which we should be able to achieve consensus with modest changes to the wording.


Which contains a new proposed 5C with a new name (Criteria for Standards Development). This proposal will likely generate many comments and should be circulated among all the WG and TAG members for review as this will directly affect their work.

Consider it a modest proposal (but not in the same sense as the one by Jonathan Swift).

James Gilb
IEEE 802 Second Vice Chair

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