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Re: [802SEC] +++ 10 Day EC Ballot - Reply Comments to the FCC's Incentive Auction Proposal - Docket No. 12-268 +++


On 63//13 4:21 AM, Michael Lynch wrote:
In regard to your 2) I had to consider that the EC reflector recently had not been functioning correctly. Indeed Paul earlier had me make a contact in order to "fix" the relector. There was no apparent way to fix it so by using the relector there would have been the risk that this document would not have ever been seen by the EC in time to allow the required time for the ballot. Would you have preferred that 802's view was not submitted? Since Paul had previously told me to use the private list in order to distribute documents to the EC using it seemed the only way to make certain that this document also reached the EC.

I think the point that you seem to be missing is that even if the EC reflector seems to be non-functional, when you send a ballot to a private list you also need to send it to the reflector for the following reasons:
    - It is the rule. don't follow the rule and you are appeal bait
- It files it to the reflector archive (albeit perhaps slowly. If we have proof of loss rather than delay of mail then we need a different reflector provider) - It provides a copy to those observers of the EC reflector who are fully entitled to be fully informed about what is going on.

In summary, you may use direct addressing as a supplement to the EC reflector to speed up delivery
You may not use it as a substitute.

Best regards,

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