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[802SEC] +++3/09//13 Final Update - 10 Day EC Ballot - Reply Comments to the FCC's Incentive Auction Proposal - Docket No. 12-268 +++

Dear EC,


As of 9:30 am US CST on 3/08/13 the results were as listed below. Clint has advised me that he votes to approve this ballot. I’m not going to get into a debate of if his ballot was before or after the closure since I have no idea where Clint was and, also, we all have a lot of material in our inboxes. The approval percentage obviously has increased.


Counting DNV as abstain, the results of the ballot there are 12 of 13 votes are yes, which is 92.31%. As I previously announced in accordance with the early close provision of OM Subclause 4.1.2 this ballot is closed.


What I did not say in my earlier response, and due to the seemingly strong objections to IEEE 802 continuing to use the long established system for filing FCC (and other comments) on Monday, March 11th, I will edit the document to include James’ and Roger’s comments and pass the edited document to the EC chair to file with the FCC on March 12th. As some know I have always filed at the last moment to prevent others from adapting their comments to counter ours. That is what I am proposing the EC chair do in this case.


If the EC chair needs assistance in filing the comments I will be happy to assist him. Paul, please keep in mind that my wife and I will be traveling in the Texas hill country next week so I will not be continuously on line, but you can reach me on my cell. The FCC ECFS isn’t really that difficult to use and since it has been determined that you are the sole voice of 802 please file the comments that I will send to you on Monday.


Nikolich           (NV)

Thaler              Approve         

Gilb                  Disapprove

Rosdahl           DNV

D'Ambrosia     Approve

Chaplin            Approve

Jeffree            Approve

Law                 Approve

Kraemer          Approve

Heile                Approve

Marks              Approve (with edits included)

Lynch              Approve

Shellhammer   Approve

Das                  Approve

Mody               Approve


Best regards,



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