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[802SEC] Draft PAR for 802.1AC revision

EC Colleauges -

I have posted a draft PAR for revision of 802.1AC here:

I will be asking for permission to forward this PAR to NesCom on Friday. 

This revision is to cover two pieces of work: firstly, correcting some editorial and technical errors that have come to light since the standard was approved, and secondly, to add support of the Internal Sublayer Service by 802.16 MACs. The latter involves incorporating IEEE Std 802.16k into 802.1AC; 802.16k is an amendment to 802.1D that describes .16  support for the ISS, but as this material has now been collected in 802.1AC, and as we are currently merging the rest of 802.1D with 802.1Q, it is appropriate for us to re-target this material accordingly.

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