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Re: [802SEC] Interpretation of reciprocal credit "rule"


Thanks for the brilliantly posed question.

I am pretty confident that the answer is not documented. It's been seen as a WG prerogative to grant such credits, so the policy is not coordinated. However, the software forces coordination.

I think that (b) and Stephens’ razor is the right approach.

By the way, the software interface needs work on cross-WG rights. Every time I log attendance, it asks me to choose a home group. That's annoying enough, but what's worse is that the list of options excludes my home group.


On 2013/03/22, at 06:09 PM, Stephens, Adrian P wrote:

Dear 802 EC,
As mentioned at the EC meeting today,  there is a question of interpretation regarding reciprocal credit.
Although the answer may be buried somewhere in an EC motion or an IEEE-SA staff document before my
time,  I cannot find anything in the rules/OM relating to this.
home group – a group in which a user has voting rights
visited group – a group that a user attends,  which is granted reciprocal credit by the home group
A voter visits a group and records attendance.   The question is simple.
Should the voter get attendance at:
a)      One of the home group and the visited group
b)      Both of the home group and the visited group (current)
And if the voter has multiple home groups should the voter get attendance credit:
a)      One of the home group and visited groups
b)      The visited group and one of the home groups (current)
c)       The visited group and all of the home groups
Current behaviour (modulo a few UI infelicities) is highlighted.
I initially took this to be a bug,  because I laboured under the mistaken assumption that
attendance credit should not multiply unnecessarily.  (Stephens’ razor).
I’d like to get feedback on how you think the system should behave.  Once I get this,  I’ll
document this behaviour,  and if necessary work with Jon to raise a ticket to change it.
Just to help provide rapid feedback,  I have some stock responses prepared below:
a)      I believe the current operation is correct (i.e., visited + 1 home)
b)      I believe single attendance credit is correct (i.e., visited or home)
c)       I don’t do reciprocal credit,  I have no opinion
d)      I don’t care,  I have no opinion
Best Regards,
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