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Re: [802SEC] +++EC Email Ballot: Motion to Suspend the Rules regarding advance notice for an EC meeting+++


I am concerned about this motion and I have some questions I would like to have answered so that I can avoid raising a formal objection.

1) You, correctly, consulted with Dave Ringle regarding this issue. As this is a new idea in the EC (to suspend the P&P rules), could you please forward to us written comments from Dave so that we can understand the scope of his opinion and any caveats he may have?

2) To approve this, we are saying that 2/3 of the voting members of the sponsor need to vote approve because that is what is required for the EC to approve the P&P. However, the vote by the EC to approve a P&P does not cause it to take effect. Rather, a change to the P&P only takes effect after AudCom approval (this happened to us after November, a change to the P&P approved by AudCom was rejected and we had to take another vote to resolve the issue.)

If it is true, then would have the effect of allowing the EC to modify the P&P without oversight from AudCom. Roberts Rules does cover the case where a body cannot, by itself, modify its rules.

Why are we allowed to bypass AudCom's review in this instance?

3) The OM states "For urgent matters once sufficient response is received to clearly decide a matter, the ballot may be closed early."

Would you please state why this is an urgent matter?


James Gilb

PS: This sets an interesting precedent. The OM states that it can only be modify at a plenary and with 30 day notice. It also requires 2/3 approval for changes. However, if 2/3 of the voting body wants to modify the OM, then all they would have to do is to run consecutive letter ballots, the first to waive the requirement and the second to approve the change. In fact, this implies that we can change the OM on one of our regularly scheduled conference call by simply including two items on the agenda, one a motion to suspend the rule regarding modifying the OM and a second to modify the OM.

On 04/23/2013 01:17 PM, Paul Nikolich wrote:
Dear EC Members,

I am  conducting an EC email ballot on the motion with a provision for
an early close per 4.1.2 Voting Rules in the IEEE 802 Operations Manual.
  A 2/3 majority of voting EC members will be required for the motion to
pass as per RROO.  The ballot opens 23 April 2013 and will close upon
receiving enough votes to clearly decide the matter. Please cast your
vote promptly.

I move to suspend the rules which interfere with the EC's ability to
hold a Sponsor meeting on less than 30 days notice and 14 day agenda
distribution to allow an EC teleconference to be held Tuesday 30 April.
Moved: Mike Lynch
Second: Bob Heile



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