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[802SEC] IEEE Staff interpretation of Suspension of P&Ps

Dear EC Members,
I just received the following communication from IEEE Staff regarding an interpretation of whether or not a Sponsor can suspend their P&P, which you need to consider when casting your vote on the motion to suspend that we have in process.  Please keep in mind it is an interpretation--not until SASB considers an action on a Sponsor motion to suspend their P&P, would a formal decision on the validity of such an action be made.
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Subject: Suspension of P&Ps

I'd appreciate it if you could please send this to the EC reflector.

I was notified of the questions by EC members about whether the Sponsor P&Ps could be suspended by the EC.  I conferred with outside counsel, Claire Topp, whose advice mirrored my own opinion. We believe that the EC cannot suspend the Sponsor P&Ps because ultimate authority for the procedures lie not with the EC, but with AudCom and the SASB. Any action by the EC would have to be accepted by AudCom and/or approved by the SASB. 

Realistically, I don't believe AudCom or the SASB would allow Sponsors to suspend their P&Ps because of the risks associated with this action. However, the EC can present their request to AudCom if they would like it to be considered.



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