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[802SEC] IEEE 802 contribution to ITU-R WP1A

Dear EC,


Some comments/points from this morning’s meeting where Document 1A/92 was introduced:


1)    This was timely, appreciated and it was noted several times that the wired proponents had not submitted anything. So it appears IEEE 802 can have a serious impact on the contents of the report/recommendation.

2)    There was uncertainty about how to include the IEEE 802 text/table in the actual text. One suggestion was an IEEE unique Annex. That could work but I intervened and asked that the Counselor for SG1 talk with his counterpart at SG5 (IMT and IMT Advanced) to make certain that it was done in the same manner.

3)    The terms “First Mile”, “Middle Mile” and such came up. Since that was an item of discussion as 802 was working on the is document I volunteered that we would furnish the outcome of those discussions at the next WP1A formal meeting.

4)    The table of frequencies will be “circulated” within the ITU-R for Administrations to look at and provide data on which frequencies are available in their countries for use. One of the frequency bands, 1427 – 1518 MHz, was identified by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) as a good band for SG use as it was no longer broadcasting related and new uses for it were being looked at. The BBC indicated that there is a consultation in the UK on that band and they will provide more data later.

5)    As the messenger from IEEE I have been punished by being “volunteered” to be the drafting group chair to deal with the IEEE document. There is no intention to change any part of the technical details – actually they were quite happy to have them and were impressed that we presented that material. I expect that in some form our contribution will be incorporated into the WP1A working document.

6)    It seems likely that the WP1A document may be considered for approval at next year’s SG1 meeting. In that case it is likely to be “radio centric” which is, I think, what we would like. It certainly seems at this time that the output will have radio as a SG management tool fairly represented.

The drafting group will start meeting this afternoon. The reality is that our contribution was timely and very well received. At this point in time we are the “radio proponent” here and hopefully IEEE 802 will continue have that “role”. No other group, not ETSI, TIA or any other have submitted anything. I’ll report on the outcome of this meeting’s work.


Best regards,



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