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Re: [802SEC] prep for upcoming July 2013 plenary session



You asked about items that may come up in either the opening or closing EC meetings. Here is one.


As many of you know the FCC has decided to allow Progeny and their colleagues to operate in the 902 – 928 MHz frequency band. This is thought to have occurred due to at least Progeny having some level of “friends” in the FCC’s Wireless Bureau. Since we have, IMHO, a large interest in that frequency band we have two options:


1)    To sit back and let Progeny, et al, prove what we, through 802.18, have been saying for years about interference into license exempt wireless technologies and, IMHO, Progeny’s inability to compete with GPS or even indoor position locating by Wi-Fi systems.

2)    Or we can support the PART 15 COALITION in their continued opposition to Progeny and their “multilateration location and monitoring service (“M-LMS”) friends having open use of this frequency band. The COALITION”s most recent filing is attached here. Paul, any filing that you do will be ex parte to the Commission but it may be that some IEEE 802 participants would be willing to join in creating such a response.

Unfortunately once again the FCC, as other regulatory bodies are like to do, didn’t consider the IEEE 802’s meeting schedule so that we could have our voice heard. I expect that at the Genève meeting in 802.18 there will be a group that will want to develop a filing in opposition to the FCC’s new rules for the EC chair to file with, or better present to, the FCC.. That opposition, presuming that it passes 802.18, should appear on the EC’s Friday agenda.


For those not familiar with Progeny and their fellow travelers they are a, a technology conceived prior to GPS becoming the market standard. Some, including IEEE 802, have viewed the M-LMS license holders as simply “warehousing” spectrum. They knew when they bid on the spectrum that there were limits on what they could do. Now those limits are essentially lifted.


Presuming that members of concerned IEEE 802 WGs come into 802.18 and create an ex parte filing in opposition to this FCC ruling it will be, IMHO, most effective if you as the IEEE 802 sole voice, either singly or jointly with interested IEEE 802 parties, makes a F2F presentation to the FCC. That presentation should not be limited to the Wireless Bureau but also OET since they are three to support groups such as IEEE 802 in developing new technologies.


Paul, I am relatively certain that there will be significant discussion of this in Genève. Presuming we develop a contribution opposing the FCC’s new rules I hope that you stand ready as the sole voice to take this to Washington and represent IEEE 802.


I would say “glad to discuss” but I am certain that there will be plenty of discussion in Genève on this topic. I arrive in Zurich Friday morning.


Best regards,




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Dear EC members,


Please send me the following information in advance of the upcoming plenary session.  I will capture the information in my opening slide deck and will place some of the information items on the opening EC meeting consent agenda.  Thank you.


1) Notice of any new Study Groups that may require EC approval

2) Notice of any existing Study Group activities that may require an extension

3) Notice of any Maintenance PARs that may require EC approval

4) Notice of any Drafts to Sponsor ballot for EC approval

5) Notice of any Drafts to RevCom/SASB for EC approval

6) Notice of any other items that may require an EC decision at our Monday or Friday EC meetings.





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