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Re: [802SEC] Updated comment resolutions for SB1 of 802 O&A D1.6

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Geoff, this is your comment, does the clarification help? Any suggested word-smithing?

James Gilb

On 07/25/2013 06:04 AM, Das, Subir wrote:
My attempt to resolve the comment that was assigned to me.

Comment #66:
Page	8, Section	4.1	Line # 17	
"It speaks here of "service and session continuity" but the concept of service and service continuity vs. session and session continuity is not defined (or the difference between the two) nor has it been explained up to this point."

Modified text:
"IEEE 802 standards also specify mechanisms to achieve service discovery  (e.g., support for Internet or VPN  service) and session continuity (e.g., VoIP  or multimedia session)  in a heterogeneous networking environment when stations have a choice of connecting multiple access networks, either in stationary condition or while in movement."

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Subject: [802SEC] Updated comment resolutions for SB1 of 802 O&A D1.6


I have posted updated comment resolutions to mentor at:

The status is that we have 8 comments still requiring resolution.  The assignment is as follows:
Marks		2
Nikolich	1
Thompson	4
Das		1

I will submit it for posting on the 802.1 site RSN (real soon now).

James Gilb

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