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[802SEC] Action item review from July 802 opening EC meeting

Dear EC members,

Below is the list of open action items resulting from the 15JUL2013 opening EC meeting. Please review the list and follow up on your actions. If I missed something, please let me know.



Ref#4.03 Action Item: Chair formed group (Gilb, Thompson, Kraemer) to address fee waiver policy and develop refined text for the Chairs Guideline . Due 01OCT2013.

Ref#5.06 Action Item: Nikolich to get SA Staff (tbd) to develop tutorial document which clarifies the scope of a "revision project". Due 01OCT2013 EC telecon.

Ref#5.10 Action Item: Nikolich to obtain a formal interpretation from IEEE Governance (Dave Ringle) if 802 P&P can be "suspended", due NOV 802 plenary

Ref#5.12 Action Item - WG/TAG/ECSG chairs to provide names of alliance organizations their groups have relationships with to the 802 Recording Secretary, due 01OCT2013 EC telecon

Ref#5.15 Action Item: Nikolich to appoint a panel (3 to 4 individuals) for the RFP for meeting manager.
Action item update: completed 19JUL2013.
The RFP review panel will consist of Nikolich, Rosdahl, Chaplin and Gilb

Ref#5.22 Action Item: Nikolich has action item to conduct EC Exec Session meeting to discuss/finalize getIEEE 802 agreement, scheduled for noon-1pm 01OCT2013 prior to EC interim telecon meeting.
Action item update: completed 22JUL2013

Ref#5.25 Action - Nikolich to send email summarizing action items from meeting out to reflector.
Action item update: completed 27JUL2013

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