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[802SEC] Comments on OmniRAN PAR


These are comments from me as an Executive Committee member (i.e., not necessarily the views of any WG or TAG).

5.2 Scope:

1) What is an access network and how does it differ for an regular 802 network? Please define an access network in the scope so that it is clear why this is different than other 802 networks.

2) What is the scope of "Network Reference model" does this occupy the normal networking layer of the OSI reference model? If so, please state this in the scope. If not, where does this set with respect to our existing architecture? Please clarify this in the scope.

5.4 Purpose:

1) What is a "deployment domain"? Please define this term in the purpose or use a term that is more generally known or well defined.

5.5 Need for the project

This section is a much better description of the scope and purpose of this project. However, this information is not in the Scope or Purpose. Please move this information into the scope and purpose section to correctly describe the project.

8.1 Additional explanation

#1.2: "It is the intention of the sponsor to initiate the development of such protocol standards based on the underlying foundation established in this Recommended Practice." The sponsor has not made a decision with regards to its intentions. This project should stand on its own. Delete the sentence. It is not clear to me that this note is needed at all.


10.5.1, a) Broad sets of applicability.

This text is feel good language with no specifics. Please provide some examples of the applicability of this project.

10.5.4 Technical feasibility

This section makes the claim, in general, that since this is based on existing 802 standards and technology, therefore it is feasible. However, the question is if the ideas that are put into the recommended practice are technically feasible. None of the answers in this section address that issue.

10.5.5 Economic feasibility

The answer for this question is too terse. The point is to specify a reference model and interfaces, these have the possibility of creating additional resource requirements for the equipment, even if the work to be done is done in software. Please answer the questions in this section by assessing the potential impact of this recommended practice.

James Gilb

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