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[802SEC] IEEE 802.18 items for inclusion on the consent agenda.

Dear John and the EC,


Please find the documents/motions/vote totals for the four documents that 802.18 approved this week.


None of these documents represents a new topic for the EC. One simply informs ITU-R WP5D that 802.16 will not make a submission to their next meeting. The other is for the FCC in support of the IEEE USA filing regarding the use of spectrum above 95 GHz. Therefor I am asking that they be placed on the consent agenda.


Both of these documents are available on the IEEE 802.18 Mentor web site.


ME - 18-13-0090-04 “Draft submission to the FCC in support of the IEEE USA petition for rules above 95 GHz” – IEEE 802.18/IEEE 802 originally drafted this document at the July, 2013 Plenary. However, since there was no RM or docket number yet assigned it was not possible to file the original version. Since then we have received comments/edits that have been accepted and included. Those comments were of an editorial nature only. This document supports the IEEE USA request that the FCC make a declaratory ruling supporting the use of spectrum above 95 GHz.. Approval was 5/0/1.


ME – 18-13-0115-01 “Proposed Draft: Update of WirelessMAN-Advanced RIT toward Revision 2 of Rec. ITU-R M.2012 (Meeting Y Notification)” – This informs ITU-R WP5D that IEEE will not make a contribution to their next meeting in February of 2014. Approval was 5/0/0.


Glad to discuss.






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