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Re: [802SEC] Comments received on the OmniRAN draft PAR proposal

Hello Subir,

Thanks for bringing this up. There are two aspects in this case:
- Formal reasons not to set an official precedence that submitters of PAR
comments have not to adhere to the IEEE 802 rules
- Considerations about the uniqueness and substance of the comments

For formal reasons to protect the integrity of IEEE 802 policy and
procedures I decided not to officially take the comments into account.
Unfortunately we were very tight in time in the Wednesday ECSG meetings
which did not to allow to bring up the submission for information in
left-over meeting time - the usual procedure on how to handle incoming
material, which did not make it on the official agenda.

Nevertheless I personally reviewed the comments of Charlie Perkins to
determine whether there are aspects brought up, which were not covered by
the discussion of the other comments. When comparing the comments of Charlie
in the scope of the orderly submitted comments to the PAR (see Charlie's
comments attached), the comments are addressing issues also brought up by
other commenters, which led to modifications and clarifications of the PAR
text. Charlie was present in the meeting and contributed to the discussions
of the text changes in the PAR. Regards the proposal to make the intended
specification more normative; we had multiple comments to resolve on the
nature of the intended specification - whether it should become a
'Standard', a 'Recommended Practice' or a 'Guide', with the conclusion to
balance the received comments by sticking to 'Recommended Practice'.

As mentioned above: unfortunately there was no time left at the end of the
Wednesday meetings to open Charlie's document and do the cross-check of
Charlie's comments in the ECSG.

Hello Subir, I hope I was able to show that all comments brought up on the
draft PAR proposal were seriously considered, even when brought up to
attention on completely informal ways.

Kind regards

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Subject: RE: Comments received on the OmniRAN draft PAR proposal

Hello Max,
I am wondering why ECSG has decided not to address Charlie's comments. I
understand that Charlie submitted the comments after Tuesday 5 pm deadline
but if the purpose of a PAR/5C is to be reviewed by other groups and
members, then these comments should have been addressed. You asked James and
my understanding is that his comment was "The rules don't require OmniRAN to
address them. However, they will probably come up in the Friday closing if
you don't, so the best policy would be to address them." OTH, ECSG
completely ignored it. 


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Subject: [802SEC] Comments received on the OmniRAN draft PAR proposal

To make sure that we are not missing any comments to the OmniRAN draft PAR
proposal I would like to confirm the receipt of the comments.
In my email, I received comments from the following groups/individuals:

- Pat Thaler (individual on Oct 17th)
- James Gilb
- IEEE 802.1
- IEEE 802.11
- IEEE 802.19

The comments are collected in
ected-comments-on-draft-par-proposal.xlsx for processing by the OmniRAN EC

Please send me a notice, if comments were submitted and the submitter is not
mentioned above.

Furthermore I received comments by private email from Charles Perkins at
Tue, 11:15 PM, more than 6 hours after the submission deadline. The comments
received after submission deadline will not be addressed by the EC SG.

James, please advise if the EC SG should address the late PAR comments


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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.

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