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[802SEC] IEEE-SA Web Ex Pilot Information

Dear EC members,
Below are details regarding the Web Ex Pilot the SA is running.  If you have any questions, please direct them to Christina Boyce,
The only problem I see is for us to figure out how to allocate this scarce resource (we have access to exactly one account).  Any ideas?
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Subject: IEEE-SA Web Ex Pilot Information


I have recently received feedback from the SA Staff attending the November IEEE 802 Plenary session about questions regarding the IEEE-SA Workign Group WebEx Pilot Program which is running through the end of January 2014.  The questions that were brought to my attention are as follows:


a) Can any officer (WG, TF, SG) request a meeting on the form?  Yes, anyone who can be verified as an assigned officer can place the request.  If the Solutions Team cannot verify through system search, we may have to contact the WG Chair directly for verification.


b)Is the number of participants limited to 50? No, this is a suggested number that would make virtual meeting facilitation easier to handle.  WebEx can handle up to 100 participants.  Any venue requiring over 100 participants will require Webinar access which we have not rolled out for the pilot.


c) Can I publicly publish the meeting dial information (on a web site)? Yes.  Since the IEEE 802 would like to publish the WebEx meeting information, the IEEE 802 EC will have one (1) dedicated WebEx account for the entire EC Members and their sub-groups to share.  Please remember, do not include the WebEx Host Pin as part of the publicly available venue information.


Solutions support staff is ready to accept meeting venue set up information from the IEEE 802 officers immediately, please use the form located at URL so we can continue this pilot program.


I appreciate the IEEE 802’s active participation in this WebEx pilot program and look forward to continued feedback to ensure the success of the pilot.


Please advise if this addresses the concerns/questions that recently came up.


Christina Boyce, PMP
Sr. Manager, Standards Solutions Services
IEEE Standards Association
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone +1 732 562 5540
Mobile +1 908 239 4038
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