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Re: [802SEC] straw poll: working practice for voting status

Adrian -

C. But actually closely similar to your A: "Soft Landing", as follows:

802.1 requires aspiring voters to affirm their intention to become a voter, rather than automagically becoming a voter when their attendance hits the right threshold. So, if a participant loses voting membership through lack of attendance, they transition to what you call "observer" status, requiring them to reaffirm their intent to become a voter before they can actually become a voter again. However, it is still a "soft landing" in that previous credits are still valid if they do in fact reaffirm their intent. Similarly, new attendees aren't penalised if they don't immediately affirm their intent to become voters; at the point where they decide that they want to be a voter, any accumulated credit up to that point still counts.

By the way, I suspect your terminology (observer, aspirant, etc.) may confuse the issue, as it is terminology that was invented by the developers of Imat rather than terminology that exists in our rules.


On 24 February 2014 15:29, Paul Nikolich <> wrote:

Dear EC members,


In an effort to help Adrian collect the information he's looking for on the current working practice for 802 groups I am conducting a straw poll as defined below.  Adrian, I delegate the data collection and result report of this straw poll to you.  Thank you.







The purpose of this poll is to determine current working practice for 802 working groups and TAGs.

Eligible to respond:   the chairs of all non-hibernating 802 working groups and TAGs or their designee

Duration of poll: 10 days.   If all response are received before then,  the poll will be closed early.



1.       Loss of voting status on non-attendance means that the member fails to attend 2 of the last 4 plenaries,  one of which may be substituted by an interim.

2.       “Soft landing” means that the member keeps their previous attendances.  This results in the member transition to aspirant or observer status depending on whether they have a previous attendance in the last 4 plenaries (modulo interim substitution rule).

3.       “Hard landing” means that the member loses credit for their previous attendances.   They necessarily return to observer status.


Poll:   Does your working group operate “soft landing” or “hard landing” rules for loss of voting status based on non-attendance.

                A: “Soft Landing”

                B: “Hard Landing”

                C: “Something else not covered by these definitions”

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---------- This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector. This list is maintained by Listserv.