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[802SEC] Elections in Beijing

Dear EC,


The RR-TAG will, like everyone else, be conducting elections in Beijing. However we do not, at this time, have anyone standing for Vice Chair. Our current vice chair (who also will not be in Beijing) has been told he is in the job until we find a replacement so we may be in the position of having a first and second vice chair for a period of time.


Yes, it is possible that our Secretary (who cannot make it to Beijing) may be interested in the role but he is still in the process of obtaining clearance from his employer.


So after some discussions with Paul I am sending this out to canvas the EC to see if they know anyone who would be interested in becoming the vice chair. The “perfect” candidate would have ITU-R (or at least CITEL PCC.II), or experience in their national preparatory process for ITU-R (or CITEL PCC.II).


Also quite important is his or her having a sponsor willing not only to pay for the international travel for the IEEE 802 meetings but also for those to ITU-R. The latter may not be limited to only Geneva as from time to time ITU-R groups we have had an interest in meet elsewhere.


With all of those caveats equally important is the willingness to learn both the mechanics of how things get done in the ITU-R and the “corridor conversations” which can be critical to success – a people person. In case anyone missed it last summer there is a “dress code” for ITU-R meetings.


Please advise if you know of anyone interested and (hopefully) with some ITU-R experience. Yes, I want to meet and interview the person(s) put forward.


Thanks and glad to discuss.


Best regards,




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