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[802SEC] WG 1905.1 response to 802's liaison request

Dear EC members,
Please see the attached liaison response from the 1905.1 Working Group to our 22NOV2013 liaison request (also attached).  For the relevant WGs, please put this on your agenda for consideration.  We also will be looking for a long term liaison representative to appoint at the March plenary session.  
In November when we approved the liaison, Bruce and I agreed he will serve as the acting 802 liaison to 1905.1 until someone else volunteers and is confirmed by the 802 EC.  Bruce, please organize the preparation of an 802 response and identify a candidate liaison representative for EC approval at the March plenary session as necessary.
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Dear Paul,

In behalf of Purva Rajkotia, Chairman of IEEE Convergent Digital Home Network (CDHN) Working Group, please find the working group's liaison response letter  on the establishment of a formal bi-directional liaison between IEEE 802 and CDHN WG.

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On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 3:01 PM, Paul Nikolich <> wrote:
Dear Soo and Purva,
I haven't received a response to our liaison request. As per your below email, I should have received one by 28FEB.  Please let us know the response.  Thank you.

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