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[802SEC] IEEE 802.3 motions and documents for closing EC meeting

Dear EC members,

Please find attached a slide set and attached documents in support of the agenda items I've requested for today. In support of the IEEE 802.3 liaison letter consent agenda information items the Working Group vote were as follows:

II*: Liaison letter to ITU-T SG15: Optical Transport Network & Technologies (OTNT) Standardization Work Plan
Y: 77, N: 0, A: 2

II*: Liaison letter response to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25: Power over Ethernet
Y: 74, N: 0, A: 0

Best regards,

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Attachment: IEEE_802d3_to_SC25_0314.pdf
Description: IEEE_802d3_to_SC25_0314.pdf

Attachment: IEEE_802d3_to_ITU-T_SG15_0314_draft.pdf
Description: IEEE_802d3_to_ITU-T_SG15_0314_draft.pdf

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Description: P802d3bm_D2p1_unsatisfied_ID.pdf

Attachment: 802d3_0314_closing_EC.pdf
Description: 802d3_0314_closing_EC.pdf