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Re: [802SEC] Questions for the 802.16 WG (with attachment)


I have posted a document responding to the questions you raised:

As you know, the 802.16 WG had a very limited session this week, just two hours. An election was conducted, and the only two candidates (the incumbent chair and vice chair, neither of whom were able to attend, but both of whom were connected by audio) were elected. We appreciate the fact that you were able to attend that meeting and participate in the discussion of your questions.

While we are striving to expand the involvement in the projects, participants have been working hard to advance the work under the authorized PARs. Now that review of the Five Criteria is part of Sponsor Ballot and RevCom consideration, the EC will have opportunities to confirm that the projects have met expectations.


17 March 2014 12:34 AM

During our closing meeting during the plenary session we will be voting to confirm WG Chairs and WG Vice Chairs.

Prior to the confirmation vote for the 802.16 WG Chair and Vice Chair, I am going to ask that the 802.16 WG provide questions to the following questions:

1) Provide attendance numbers for the WG over last 2 years.
2) For each of the active PARs
  a) What is the participation and contribution level (individuals and companies)?
  b) Briefly describe the progress that the project made in the last year.
  c) briefly state the future plan to complete the project.
3) What are the plans for future meetings?  Will the WG meet only during plenaries?

I am not bringing this up as a negative regarding past or future leadership of 802.16, but rather to give the EC some insight into the group's future.

James Gilb

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