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Re: [802SEC] 03JUN2014 EC interim telecon meeting reminder



I expect to be on the call but could be late or have to leave early.


June 3rd is the first day of the ITU-R WP1A meeting where I’ll be presenting 802’s latest response to ITU-R Question 236/1 on Smart Grid. If I join late it will because I have taken an opportunity to meet with others at the meeting (the great majority are regulators) to promote advancing this document to the next higher level. I will also join in any discussions of adding a Smart Grid agenda item for WRC15. That had been a corridor discussion at the most recent WP1A meeting.


Additionally I will be asking John D’. for a few minutes on the opening EC Plenary agenda in San Diego to update the EC on what occurred and if there is a need for a further 802 response to WP1A.


Best regards,




From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List ***** [] On Behalf Of Paul Nikolich
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 07:46
Subject: [802SEC] 03JUN2014 EC interim telecon meeting reminder


Dear EC members,


As announced at the March closing EC meeting, please remember we will have an EC interim telecon 1-3PM ET Tuesday 03 JUN.  Jon Rosdahl will provide the tele/web coordinates shortly.


The tentative agenda is as follows:


0) 12:50PM ET Start the telecon 10 minutes early to give RSec time to collect attendance info

1) 01:00pm Review and approve agenda 10 min, Nikolich

2) 01:10pm Review March EC action items and get status update, 15 min, D'Ambrosia

3) 01:25pm Report on July 2014 San Diego session status, 5 min, Rosdahl

4) 01:30pm Report on Professional Conference Organizer request for proposal status, 5 min, Rosdahl

5) 01:35pm Report on Working Group meetings--online vs face to face, 30 min, Gilb/Thomson

6) 02:05pm Report on P1905.1a response to 802's bi-directional request for document sharing, 5 min, Nikolich

7) 02:10pm Action Item review, 10 min, D'Ambrosia

8) 02:20pm Any other business?

9) Adjourn


If you have corrections or revisions to the draft agenda you'd like to suggest, please let me, Jon and John know as soon as possible.  Thank you.







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---------- This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector. This list is maintained by Listserv.