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[802SEC] 802.22.3 PAR



               Here are some comments/questions on the 802.22.3 PAR from the 802.19 WG.



·        Your title is too long.  Please shorten the title to something more concise

·        Since the scope of the project will become the scope of the actual standard, you should delete comments about the “SOS Project” since when the standard is published, there will no longer be an SOS Project, just and SOS standard.

·        The standard should not specify “measurement devices” it should specify “measurement parameters and device behaviors”

·        The phrase “means that enable coalescing the results from multiple such devices” is quite wordy and does not seem to convey a clear message.   Is this intended to say “the standard includes protocols for exchanging measurement information?”

·        Since when the standard is published the project scope will be the standard scope, you should delete the word “initially” from the scope, so that the scope specifies what is in the standard.  In an amendment this could be expanded.

·        The sentence “This standard may specify interfaces and primitives to provide value added sensing information to various spectrum sharing database services” seems to describe some commercial benefits that might fit better into the Need section rather than the Scope section of the PAR.

·        In the Need section of the PAR change “low cost sensors” to ““low-cost spectrum occupancy sensors”

·        The Explanatory Notes Section is used to provide additional information about specific sections in the PAR above.   Instead in this PAR it seems to provide a lot of other information but does not explain a specific section above.




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