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[802SEC] Comments on 802.24 Procedure for Starting a new TG



               The 802.19 WG reviewed the 802.24 Procedure for Starting a new TG, and we have the following comments and questions.






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·        The IEEE 802 point of contact for regulatory bodies is the 802.18 TAG, so the scope should not include regulatory bodies.

·        Is EC approval required on 802.24 liaisons to other organizations?

·        The use of term “guidelines” is confusing since the IEEE-SA specifies a document called a “guide” which has a very similar name and function.  In IEEE-SA terminology a guide is a type of standard.


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·        It says that approval of the TG scope document will follow the PAR approval process.  Does that mean that a CSD needs to be filled out with the scope document?  It seems that a CSD is not required, so maybe it would be better to explicitly what is the process.   Parts of the PAR process probably make sense (e.g. comments from WGs on Tuesday and responses by Wednesday) but other parts of the PAR process (e.g. CSD) may not apply.


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·        Are the active participants working groups or individuals?


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·        Under Customer it asks “Is there a clear need for standards in this application space.” This seems to imply that 802.24 is looking to develop new standards. If the TAG is not looking to develop new standards why is this question asked?



·        Will the 802.24 TAG produce a WG operation manual and place these rules in the OM?  Since these rules are 802.24 specific, the 802.24 OM seems like the best place for these rules.



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