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[802SEC] Minutes of the 802/IETF Standing Committee

Attendees: Bob Grow and Pat Thaler

Organization of this committee

                Should we have a reflector? – Some technical experts on IETF don’t follow the EC reflector. We should establish a reflector for the standing committee so that they can join for that subject. Can also copy the EC reflector to keep EC in the loop
                Meeting times: My preference is to have a teleconference a week before the earlier of the IETF or IEEE 802 meeting instead of trying to get attendance during the meeting week. We can schedule additional time at the 802 meeting if we find an issue that benefits from face to face discussion.

RFC 7241 (Revision of 4441 on IEEE 802 / IETF relationship) status – still on the verge of publication – no known issues.

Sept Workshop agenda

  • Relations and cooperation with other SDOs including high-level discussions in the political layers
    - discuss how we each handle this and how it could be improved
  • Local address management in IoT environment
    • since IoT can greatly expand the number of devices, it may be desirable to provide a way for them to lease local addresses instead of burning global addresses
    • also there are pervasive monitoring issues with global addresses - discuss the security implications with IETF
  • L2/L3 QoS mechanisms awareness
    there is not much connection between L2 QoS and L3 QoS.  802.1 has been creating a lot of new QoS mechanisms and there hasn't been a lot of awareness the work is happening - discuss how to better coordinate QoS work between the two groups and the two layers.
  • Protection against pervasive monitoring
    • Discuss how the two groups can work together on this.

Please respond if there is anything else that should be added. By the way, there were two presentations on local addresses for IOT in the 802.1 joint Interworking and TSN meeting. provides the rationale and covers some possible implementation choices.

The presentations were well received.

Any other business

No other business


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