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[802SEC] Updated P802.1ARce PAR plus comments received on the proposed P802.1ARce PAR with 802.1 responses



The updated P802.1ARce PAR is now at:

The CSD, which has not been changed, can be found at:

Comments, responses, and proposed changes to the pre-circulated P802.1ARce PAR text follow.

P802.1ARce PAR comment resolution

1 comment was received from an 802.3 member (forwarded by David Law) and 1 comment from 802.11.

The 802.11 comment was:

Expand Acronyms for first usage in Scope/Title/Purpose. “SHA-384,  P-384,  ECDSA .


"SHA" stands for Secure Hash Algorithm but the name of the algorithm being referenced is "SHA-384" not Secure Hash Algorithm 384, the latter would be incorrect and regarded as an error by the intended users of this standard. Similarly P-384 is the name of an elliptic curve, and in this case has no expansion. The title should remain unchanged.

In 5.2.b "Scope of the project" replace "use of SHA-384" with "use of the secure hash algorithm SHA-384".

In 5.2.b "Scope of the project" replace "ECDSA" with "Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)" . Note it is important to retain the acronym here since the full form is so rarely used by those familiar with the technology.

The 802.3 member comment was:

"The language is quite terse, and somewhat baffling to one not active in cybersecurity. This potentially causes problems with NesCom members. I would note that 5.5 Need certainly falls into the category of obscurity through being terse.

Response (after working with the 802.3 member making the comment):

Revise the initial sentence of need. Replace "There is significant broad interest in the use of SHA-384 and P-384 elliptic cur
ve, for example" with

"The cybersecurity community wants to take advantage of recent improvements in cryptographic technology  to use a stronger digital signature algorithm with IEEE Std 802.1AR, and in particular to use SHA-384 and the P-384 elliptic curve "





Glenn Parsons - Chair, IEEE 802.1



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