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[802SEC] IEEE 802.3 motions and documents for July 2014 closing EC meeting

Dear EC members,

Please find attached a slide set and attached documents in support of the agenda items I've requested for today. In support of the consent agenda items the Working Group votes were as follows:

MI*: IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet Over Plastic Optical Fiber Study Group (1st extension)
Y: 70, N: 0, A: 1

MI*: IEEE 802.3 1 Twisted Pair 100 Mb/s Ethernet Study Group (1st extension)
Y: 72, N: 0, A: 0

II*: Liaison letter to ITU-T SG15: Ethernet preamble and mapping into GFP-F
Y: 82, N: 0, A: 3

II*: Liaison letter to ITU-T SG15: New work item on Generic Information Model for management of transport Network Elements (NE)
Y: 80, N: 0, A: 3

Best regards,

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Attachment: IEEE_802d3_to_SG15_01_ 0714_draft.pdf
Description: IEEE_802d3_to_SG15_01_ 0714_draft.pdf

Attachment: IEEE_802d3_to_SG15_02_0714_draft.pdf
Description: IEEE_802d3_to_SG15_02_0714_draft.pdf

Attachment: 802d3_0714_closing_EC.pdf
Description: 802d3_0714_closing_EC.pdf

Attachment: IEEE_802-3_25Gbs_Study_Group_Press_Release_17JULY14_D4.pdf
Description: IEEE_802-3_25Gbs_Study_Group_Press_Release_17JULY14_D4.pdf