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[802SEC] EC Privacy Study Group - follow-up actions and plan

Dear EC,


Following the decision of the EC on 18 July to create the IEEE 802 EC Privacy Recommendation Study Group, I wanted to inform you of the follow-up actions:


(1) I understand that my appointment as Chair is temporary, pending formal EC confirmation. I have submitted the necessary endorsement/affiliation statement to the Recording Secretary. I plan to call for a volunteer for the position of SG Secretary.


(2) The SG is chartered through 7 November 2014, with an expectation of renewal through 13 March 2015. The SG will meet at the 802 Plenary the week of 2 November 2014 in San Antonio, TX, USA; if renewed, it will meet the week of 8 March 2015 at the 802 Plenary in Berlin, Germany. A call for contributions will be issued and brought to the attention of the EC and all 802 WG Chairs, and teleconferences will be scheduled between now and the next Plenary for 3 Sep, 1 Oct, and 22 Oct. No interim face-to-face meetings are planned. However, I will organize informational SG presentations to the WGs at interim sessions in Ottawa, Canada (IEEE P802.3/802.1 Interim, 8-11 September) and Athens, Greece (IEEE 802 Wireless Interim, 14-19 September). I'll provide a report to the EC at the November Plenary meeting.


(3) I'm currently working to set up a web page, document repository and email reflector.


(4) In accordance with the request to crisply state the scope, here is a summary: "The IEEE 802 Executive Committee (EC) Privacy Recommendation SG will study privacy issues related to IEEE 802 technologies and consider the need for a recommended practice applicable to IEEE 802 protocols. If such a need is identified, the SG will determine whether the IEEE 802 criteria for standards development (CSD) support the initiation of a project and, if so, it will prepare a PAR for consideration by the IEEE 802 Executive Committee."


(5) In accordance with that scope, the expected activities are:

(a) Determine if there is a need for a recommended practice (based on a presentation describing the intended scope and purpose).

(b) Determine if it makes sense to write a recommended practice as per the IEEE 802 criteria for standards development.

(c) If the SG decided that the criteria are satisfied, it will then proceed to drafting a PAR.


I welcome any comments on this plan.


Best regards,


Juan-Carlos Zuniga



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