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[802SEC] FW: Regulator / utility collaborations -- why better working relationships are essential

Cooperation is always a good idea!

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From: Jesse Berst
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Subject: Regulator / utility collaborations -- why better working relationships  are essential

The Smart Grid -- the application of digital technology to the electric power infrastructure.
Regulator / utility collaboration – why better working relationships are essential
It’s crucial, particularly in these challenging times, for utilities to be able to sit down and work with regulators. Nick Wagner, a member of the Iowa Utilities Board with a long list of additional credentials, shares his thoughts on why communicating with regulators early and often is so important… and how to go about it. More>>

Are you connecting with city leaders to talk about the future?

Smart Cities Council is a vendor-neutral organization working to equip cities with tools and knowledge to cope with expanding populations, shrinking budgets and aging infrastructure. The utility industry is well-represented; National Grid, Electricite de France and Enel are Council partners.  Learn more >>

The battle to control the Internet of Things (including the smart grid)
What happens when a new technology hits an inflection point? Frequently the answer is a long, drawn out battle over standards. This time the fight is over the Internet of Things. Click to learn about six emerging standards that could be contenders. More>>

Smart grid market research: China’s renewables growth surge and more
Smart grid market forecasts are always interesting because they change so regularly. This week we share research on a variety of markets to let you know what the forecasters are expecting over the next few years. Read the story for a quick look at the EV charging stations market, smart city technology, home automation and China’s explosive renewables growth. More>>

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