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Re: [802SEC] Fw: 3GPP Liaison statement



Interesting documents.


At some point this will require regulatory action. That can be at the national level, where 802 may have specific market concerns, but also at the ITU-R level. I believe 3GPP refers to “harmonizing” the usage. Even regionalizing it would be a daunting task much less global harmonization so that they can market LTE in license exempt spectrum and achieve greater economy of scale.


I have spoken with an old friend at a major vendor whose employer has interests on both sides. He is not optimistic that this concept will work. He does not believe that LTE can be effective and made to be “friendly” to other technologies in license exempt frequency bands. His view was it will be only LTE pushing all others out of the license exempt frequency bands. He hopes his employer gives up on this project.


I note that they talk about the 5 GHz band, but also go on to mention other un-named frequency bands. Does anyone here want to guess what those other bands are? How about something with building penetration? Industry Canada, in discussing Smart Grid at a CITEL meeting, has said that the 400 MHz band needed to be included since most meters are indoors. Also remember the IMT folks seem to hold the view that IMT can do anything and everything (remember I formerly worked for an IMT vendor). They have pushed hard to identify IMT for fixed applications.


This will require due diligence on the part of 802. Indeed they are, hopefully too late in trying to elbow their way into Question 236/1. In the beginning two companies who participate in .18 made it very clear that the question should be answered by those (IMT WP5D) who have an understanding of the “market” which the regulators in SG1 don’t. The IMT/WP5D folks don’t care to recognize the role of ITU-R SG1, Spectrum Management. For many years they have gotten their way at WRCs as regards suitable frequency bands. Dollars and intense lobbying do help in that process. If they were correct there would be no underdeveloped areas left in the world. In the beginning what is now IMT (then FLMPTS) was sold as changing the entire world’s economy. I guess they need us to wait for 5G to do that!


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Subject: [802SEC] Fw: 3GPP Liaison statement


Dear EC members,


Please see the attached liaison statement that the 3GPP TSG RAN plenary approved the study item on “Licensed-Assisted Access using LTE”. 


Steve Shellhammer, please begin discussion on this at the 802.19 coexistence meetings at the interim session this week.  I will join your Wednesday PM meeting via phone.  I expect your group to continue to draft the "coexistence lessons learned" item started in July and help craft an 802 response to the 3GPP liaison for approval at our November plenary session.  Thank you.







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Dear Paul,


Please find attached a reply liaison statement from 3GPP RAN#65 to IEEE 802 LMSC.


3GPP TSG RAN Meeting #65                                                      RP-141712

Edinburgh, Scotland, 9 - 12 September 2014

Title:                         Reply LS on Areas of Mutual Interest to 802 LMSC and 3GPP


Work Item:               


Source:                     3GPP TSG RAN

To:                            IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC)




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