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Re: [802SEC] Posted proposed Draft Agenda for 07 Oct 802 EC Interim Telecon -- EC-14/65r0


I would like to tentatively add an item:

II   Presentation of
IEEE 802.18-14-0064 under OM 8.2.2    Lynch

The document detail is:
    IEEE 802.18-14-0064
   Proposed LS to ITU-R WP 5D: Toward development of [IMT.HANDBOOK]

I believe this will be presented by Mike, if agreed by 802.18 when it meets on 1 October.

I'm suggesting that this be marked "II" rather than "ME" because the text of 8.2.2 says "Sponsor subgroup communications with government bodies... may proceed unless blocked by a Sponsor vote. For statements not presented for review in a sponsor meeting, Sponsor members shall have a review period of at least five days..." In other words, the procedure indicates that the statement should be presented for review to the EC and will proceed if the EC takes no action.



Jon Rosdahl wrote:
The Proposed Draft Agenda for the 07 Oct 2014 802 EC Interim Telecon on Mentor -- EC-14/65r0:

Call in details to be posted later this week.

Draft Agenda:
    Tuesday 1:00PM-3:00PM ET, 7 October 2014      
Key:   ME - Motion, External, MI - Motion, Internal, DT- Discussion Topic, II - Information Item      
    Special Orders      
    Category  (* = consent agenda)      
1.00   MEETING CALLED TO ORDER Nikolich 1 01:00 PM
1.01 MI APPROVE OR MODIFY AGENDA Nikolich 5 01:01 PM
1.02 II Announcements from the Chair Nikolich 4 01:06 PM
2.00 II Review July Plenary EC action items and get status update D’Ambrosia 10 01:10 PM
3.00 II Report on Status of Venue Contracts (Berlin - James; Macao - Jon) Rosdahl/Gilb 5 01:20 PM
4.00 II Report on Professional Conference Organizer Contract Status Rosdahl 2 01:25 PM
5.00 II Status of Future Venues in general Rosdahl 5 01:27 PM
6.00 DT/II Status of Atlanta Interim -
Budget,  Registration starting point, and meeting room requirements
Rosdahl 12 01:32 PM
7.00 II Network Provider RFP Adhoc status Rosdahl 5 01:44 PM
8.00 MI Motion to approve Site visit to Berlin/Prague and another possible Europe Venue in Dec Rosdahl 5 01:49 PM
9.00 MI Motion to approve funding for electronic media distribution Rosdahl 5 01:54 PM
10.00 DI Report IEEE-SA meeting - Sept 30 Rosdahl 5 01:59 PM
11.00 DI Logistics for the 2014 November EC Leadership Workshop -
RSVP due logistics and agenda
Mody/Das 10 02:04 PM
12.00 DT Status of San Antonio Plenary - Registration status/venue status etc. Rosdahl 5 02:14 PM
13.00 II July 2017 contract status - Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany Gilb 5 02:19 PM
14.00 MI Updates to 802.24 TAG Task Group formation process
Gilb 10 02:24 PM
15.00 II Update on LTE-U related 802 activities Nikolich 5 02:34 PM
16.00 II SA Internet Governance activities and 802 LMSC Stephens 5 02:39 PM
17.00 II 29 Sept IEEE-IETF Leadership Meeting Report Thaler 5 02:44 PM
18.00 DT Plenary early registration deadline (approx. 57 days) with respect to agenda announcement deadline (30 days) Law 5 02:49 PM
19.00 DT AOB   6 02:54 PM
19.00 MI Adjourn Nikolich   03:00 PM
          03:00 PM Hard Stop
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