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Re: [802SEC] 802 Database of 'duly authorized activities'

Hello Paul and fellow EC folks,


I have a question and a comment.


How up to date do you want to keep this?


The issue is keeping multiple copies of the same information managed by different people in

different places.   The example here is the expected date of ballot.

Does this mean:

1.       Date of ballot as anticipated when the project was first created?

2.       Official latest timeline date from the 802.11 website?

3.       Best timeline estimate from the editor’s meeting, because it hurts them if a project is hopelessly optimistic

4.       Chair’s best guess?


<humour type=”intended-but-probably-not-achieved”>

Basically,  who does the “expecting” (passive voice considered harmful) and when

is notice taken of this expectational event,  i.e. the date of expectaionalizement?



I can provide updates for a number of projects,  one of whose RevCom estimate is 2 years ago,  if you like.

I really can’t work up much of an appetite for trying to keep this spreadsheet accurately tracking our

**suspected-to-be-inaccurate official 802.11 timelines


My suggestion is that this spreadsheet not attempt to track transient data such as

“Expected date of ballot”,  “Ballot Status” and “RevCom Target Date”.


Apart from reproducing the title scope and purpose,  everything on the 802.11 tab is on the 802.11 timeline page

(see,  which truly is a joy to behold, and for which

I can take none of the credit. 


So, if somebody insists I provide this data,  I may well do it by referencing them to the 802.11 timelines page

which includes all this detail and much more.




Best Regards,




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** passive voice considered useful


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From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List ***** [] On Behalf Of Paul Nikolich
Sent: 14 November 2014 14:36
Subject: [802SEC] 802 Database of 'duly authorized activities'


Dear EC members,


Attached you will find a spreadsheet which is intended to capture all the completed and in-process standards related activities in 802. Each group's activities is a row in a separate tab. If the leftmost entry has yellow fill, it means that activity is complete. 


It is intended to be a single location where interested parties can quickly find the status 802 activity in a single consistent format,  I find it useful it to track the work we are doing.  Kathryn Bennett has been doing a great job the past few years maintaining the spreadsheet, updating it prior to each plenary session--but there might be errors that neither she nor I have caught.  Please review your group's tab to verify the information captured is accurate and let us know your findings by 30 November 2014.  Kathryn will incorporate the edits in to the next revision, to be issued after the December 2014 SASB meeting.


JohnD, please put this current revision on the 802 web page under the "IEEE 802 General Information" header, right after the" List of Active Standards" item.


Furthermore, I propose we use this document as an '802 register of duly authorized activities' as a means to provide a single document which captures formal actions that authorize standards development related activities within 802 that have been taken by the 802 Executive Committee or by a Working Group or Technical Advisory Group.  This should include everything we do in 802--projects, study groups, interest groups, next generation work, white papers, etc.  Credit goes to David Law for the idea to create this register. It is a brilliant suggestion.







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