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[802SEC] Access to other group's private areas

Dear EC members,


We provide access to our drafts to “active participants”.

The practice of 802 is generally (with some exceptions) to grant

reciprocal access to each others’ members.


So far, so good.


In 802.11,  we control access through a password.   This password

is changed annually.


And there’s the rub.   We change the password annually in full

and certain knowledge that other groups do not do so.

The 802.1 password is well known,  stable,  and has been handed

out on demand.  It is also known by google,  although I admit it

would be pretty hard to discover if you don’t already know the

answer.  These characteristics make the 802.11 password

change nugatory.


I would suggest partitioning access into two pools identified

by the security of their password.   I will provide the 802.11

password to members of other groups on proving their

active participation in that group.    Comments?


Best Regards,




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