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[802SEC] Updated 802.1Qci PAR with 802.1 comment responses



The updated P802.1Qci PAR can be found at:


The updated CSD can be found at:

The consolidated comments received from 802.3 and Paul Nikolich, along with resolutions are:




CSD, general

(non-substantive)  It would be helpful to identify the project in the document (title or heading), as not all reviewers will know the URL (or other context information). Please add something that does this.

-          Agreed, project name added.


Paul Nikolich


5.2.b Scope of the project.  Reference is made to 'misbehaving systems' and in 5.5 Need 'misbehaving streams' .  The 'misbehaving' term is ambiguous and open to interpretation.  Is there a way to reduce or eliminate the ambiguity?  For example, would ' streams non-conformant to Standard XYZ' be feasible, or something similar?

-          Agreed.  Changed scope & need to identify that the streams as conforming to agreed behaviours.







Glenn Parsons - Chair, IEEE 802.1



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