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[802SEC] Liaison Documents to 3GPP

EC Members,


               Today we approved two liaison documents to 3GPP regarding LAA/802.11 coexistence.  Attached are the two document for your review.


               I will prepare the necessary motion slides tomorrow, but I wanted to get you these documents tonight.


               The group discussed combining the two documents but decided against merging them.  That is why there are two liaison documents instead of one.


               The motions at the WG were to allow the chair editorial rights to add the necessary liaison info.




               Please include two agenda items on the closing agenda.  First approval of doc 26r2 and next doc 24r4.





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Attachment: 19-15-0026-02-0000-proposed-liaison-to-3gpp-regarding-laa-lbt-categories.docx
Description: 19-15-0026-02-0000-proposed-liaison-to-3gpp-regarding-laa-lbt-categories.docx

Attachment: 19-15-0024-04-0000-proposed-liaison-to-3gpp-related-to-laa.docx
Description: 19-15-0024-04-0000-proposed-liaison-to-3gpp-related-to-laa.docx