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[802SEC] 802.11 minutes related to DSRC discussion

Dear EC members,


The following is text from the raw, unapproved minutes from the 802.11 WG session at which

forwarding the DSRC report was discussed:


DSRC report (11-15-0294r0)


28.1. REG SC Chair: This document summaries the REG SC DSRC Tiger Team report.

28.2. Believing that the report in document 11-15/0347r0 represents the work of the DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team, forward it to 802.18 for approval to send to the EC for its approval and submittal to the FCC.

28.2.1    Moved by: Richard Kennedy, 2nd: Dick Roy

28.2.2  Chair: I would like to have limited debate on this issue.

28.2.3.   C: I speak against the motion, from a procedural point of view as it is a personal motion and is not on behalf on the REG SC.  There was a specific preference for one solution based on a straw poll in REG SC.

28.2.4.   C: I speak for this motion.  I think the document is a fair representation of the work done in the Tiger Team.

28.2.5.   C: I speak against the motion. The document has not been approved by the REG SC. It will give the wrong impression coming out of IEEE 802.11

28.2.6.   C: I speak in favour of this motion. I think we should continue to update the FCC on this issue. Indeed the tiger team was established to do this at the end of their work.

28.2.7.   C: There was a lot of work done on this over the last 18 months and is a fair reflection of the work done.

28.2.8.   C: I speak against the motion. The straw poll in REG SC was against doing this.

28.2.9.   C: I speak against the motion. The report is biased towards the ITS community.

28.2.10. C: I speak against the motion.  I’m concerned that the report gives an erroneous impression of the work within the REG SC.

28.2.11. C: I speak against the motion.  The straw poll within REG SC was against doing this and is not beneficial to the WLAN community. It would be better to say that there was no agreement with the REG SC DSRC Tiger Team.

28.2.12. REG SC chair:  I did not wish to have a motion in REG SC, as I wanted the whole of the IEEE 802.11 members to vote on this.

28.2.13. C: I speak against the motion.  The work in the Tiger Team was admirable.  However, there is a feeling among many people that this report is not a fair reflection for IEEE 802.11 members.

28.2.14. C: I speak in favour of the motion.  This report does not state a position. It is a fair report of the work done by the Tiger Team.

28.2.15. C: I think this is calling the integrity of IEEE 802.11 into issue. Just because some people don’t like the report, shouldn’t stop this document going forward.

28.2.16. C: Staff from the FCC participated in this activity.  However, I don’t think that all the initial promises within REG SC about this topic were not upheld.

28.2.17. C: I think procedures were followed. You should vote yes or no based on the technical content of the report.

28.2.18. C: I find that some of the data is missing from the report.  I think IEEE 802.11 should correct this.

28.2.19. REG SC chair: from the start of the Tiger Team activity, I always wanted to bring the opinions of the DSRC and IEEE 802.11 communities to all of the IEEE 802.11 membership.

28.2.20. Chair: This is a procedural motion (50%), as the motion states that the document will go to IEEE 802.18.

28.2.21. For: 53, Against: 48, Abstain: 34 (Motion passes)




As you see,  At the time, I interpreted the motion as procedural,  being the forwarding of a report to 802.18 for



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