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[802SEC] Clause 12 report for IEEE P802.3bw 100BASE-T1 to Sponsor ballot

Dear EC members,

At the March 2015 IEEE 802 Plenary meeting, conditional approval was granted to forward IEEE P802.3bw 100BASE-T1 to Sponsor ballot. Details are provided in the attached report, but in summary the response to the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual Clause 12 'Procedure for conditional approval to forward a draft standard' items are as follows:

a) The recirculation balloting is complete. The
   second recirculation ballot occurred essentially
   in accordance of the plan presented.

b) The approval rate is 97% and there were
   no new negative DISAPPROVES votes. 

c) No technical changes have been made.

d) There were no new valid DISAPPROVE comments
   on new issues that are not resolved to the
   satisfaction of the submitter from existing
   disapprove voters.

e) There were two disapprove comments received
   from existing disapprove voters, one was a
   restatement of an existing unresolved comment,
   the second was out of scope as it was on
   unchanged text.

f) Please see the attached for the date the ballot
   closed and the vote tally. In respect to comments
   associated with the remaining disapprove votes
   there are a total of 9 unresolved negative comments
   from 3 disapprove voters. This consists of 7
   unresolved comments reported during the March 2015
   closing IEEE 802 EC meeting and the two additional
   unresolved comments described in item (d). 

Based on the above I will go ahead and submit IEEE P802.3bw to Sponsor ballot.

Best regards,

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