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[802SEC] IEEE P802.3bq draft PAR modification - addition of 25GBASE-T to scope

Dear EC members,

In support of subclause 10.2 'IEEE 802 LMSC Approval' of the LMSC Operations Manual please find below the required information in respect to a PAR modification request for IEEE P802.3bq Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layer and Management Parameters for 25 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s Operation, Types 25GBASE-T and 40GBASE-T for consideration at the March 2015 plenary.

Best regards,

[1] Draft PAR modification and CSD responses:

Draft PAR modification: <>
CSD responses: <>

[2] Explanatory technical background material:

Since the IEEE P802.3bq 40GBASE-T PAR for a project supporting 40 Gb/s Ethernet operation over twisted-pair cabling was originally approved, 25 Gb/s has emerged as another speed of operation for Ethernet in the Data Centre, and hence there is a need to support 25 Gb/s Ethernet over twisted-pair cabling. Technical studies have shown that the technology in the 40GBASE-T draft specification currently under development could be easily adapted to support 25 Gb/s Ethernet operation over twisted-pair cabling (25GBASE-T), such as by reducing the signalling speed used.

A set of CSD responses, rather than updated 5C responses, are supplied to support this PAR modification request.
[3] Status of the development of the PAR:

The draft PAR modification is pending IEEE 802.3 Working Group approval at the July 2015 plenary. The CSD responses were approved by the IEEE 802.3 Working Group at the March 2015 plenary. 

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