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[802SEC] Breaks and Cookies etc

Hello All,
   Today I observed a problem that we as professionals should be able to address and resolve.

During the Afternoon break  we had many that overloaded plates, or filled their pockets and bags with break food.  Then we found that we ran out of food before everyone got some.

We provide Food and Beverage that is for the use of the Attendees.  We have a lot of families and friends that we have brought with us this week.  While I wish I could feed all of them, we did not increase the meeting fee to cover that option.

When taking food, please be reasonable.  It is for you to for the break, it is not for your to take for evening meal, or for others.

We will try to ensure everyone gets some choice when it comes to the F&B (lunch and breaks), but when we have those that are taking more than their fair share, it does make it that others will not get any.

How can you help?
1. Take a reasonable amount of break food (ONE)
2. if you see someone abusing the privilege suggest that they not take so much.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance,
Jon Rosdahl
IEEE 802 Executive Secretary

P.S. WG Chairs would you please take an opportunity to discuss this with your WG membership.
Jon Rosdahl                    Senior Standards Architect
hm:801-756-1496             CSR Technologies Inc.
cell:801-376-6435            10871 North 5750 West
office: 801-492-4023         Highland, UT 84003

A Job is only necessary to eat!
A Family is necessary to be happy!!
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