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[802SEC] feedback on 3GPP/802/WFA coexistence workshop of 29AUG2015

Dear EC members,
The coexistence workshop that was held last Saturday 29AUG2015 in Beijing went well from my perspective.  Firstly, thanks to Andrew Myles for doing an outstanding job delivering the 802 presentation/message.  About 200 people were in attendance at the workshop.  Several 802 participants were present in addition to Andrew and myself;  Steve Shellhammer, Bruce Kraemer, Stuart Kerry, Alireza Babaei and others. I encourage them to provide their feedback.  The WFA and cable operators had representatives to provide pro-802 perspectives as well.  At the end of the day, there was general agreement better cooperation and collaboration can be achieved, with specific steps identified to improve it.
I attended the full week 3GPP RANx meetings (mostly the RAN1 Layer 1 working group) prior to the workshop. About 400 people attending the RAN1/2/3/4/5 WG meetings in aggregate.  Although their operational methods are very different that 802's, the basic philosophy is similar--to be receptive to all recommendations and comments with the objective to develop high quality technical specification through a consensus based mechanism.
Now that some of us have a better understanding of their process, and vice-versa, we will be more effective in providing input into the development of the Licensed Assisted Access portion of their access protocol (RAN1 Layer 1 WG) and coexistence test methodology (RAN4 Performance and Test Methods WG).  One of the activities I think we should consider launching is to develop a coexistence test methodology recommended practice in 802.19 that could define a common method for both organizations to assess 'coexistence'.
All the presentations given during the meeting are posted at, scroll down and click on "Docs/", along with the draft meeting report in "Report/".
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