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[802SEC] draft 802 tf minutes of 12 November 2015

Dear EC members,
I chaired a brief 802 Task Force meeting this morning between 10:30-11:00 in Pryror-Crockett.  The meeting agenda is shown in the attached picture. 
draft minutes:
0) Nikolich calls meeting to order 10:30am.  Individuals present: Christina Boyce, Katherine Bennett, Jonathan Goldberg, Jodi Haasz, Glenn Parsons, Adrian Stephens, Sam Heragau, Greg Marchini
1.1) Indemnification Policy Update.  Nikolich has been in contact with Eileen Lach, IEEE General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer this week.  Staffing issues have caused delays, these have been resolved and Eileen assures me she will have a proposed amendment for presentation to the 802 EC at the January 2016 802 EC Workshop.
1.2) My Project demonstration update.  Boyce gave a status update on the demonstrations that have been given this week.  802 is pleased we have to opportunity to provide feedback at this stage of the system design.  The system will go live sometime between July and November 2016.  Boyce and team will provide in person training at the July and November 802 plenary sessions. Boyce will give a tutorial on the system at the July 2016 802 plenary.
1.3) AOB? none.
1.4) Action item review
1.4.1) Boyce to submit a tutorial request for a my-project  training tutorial at July 2016 802 plenary session
1.4.2) Boyce and team to continue my-project training at November 2016 plenary session
Meeting adjourned at 11:00am
--Paul Nikolich
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