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[802SEC] January 2016 IEEE 802 Executive Workshop

Dear colleagues,

As you may recall, it was decided at the IEEE 802 closing EC meeting that, due to the broad interest of the whole IEEE 802 community, a number of the IEEE 802 Executive Workshop topics will be discussed on the afternoon of Friday 22nd January. Based on this please find the list of IEEE 802 Executive Workshop topics I've recorded so far, and my allocation of them between Friday and Saturday. If there are any additions of corrections please let me know.

Thanks and best regards,


Friday 22nd January, 13h00 to 17h00 ET

[1] Radio regulatory (RR) process plan - discuss results of ad hoc (Pat)
[2] Discussion of the impact of updated patent policy on IEEE 802 (Paul) 
[3] Attendance requirements for obtaining membership (Adrian) 
[4] Should there be a coordinated response to IMT 2020 from IEEE 802 (Adrian/Roger)

Saturday 23rd January, 08h00 to 17h00 ET

[1] A single sentence tag line for 802 projects, press releases, and similar (James)
    This is a homework item in preparation for the meeting
[2] Discussions on the development of YANG models. YANG models are used by NETCONFIG management of devices (David)
[3] Final clarification of the indemnification policy (Paul)
[4] Can a Study Group develop more than one PAR? (David)
[5] Clarification on 'affiliated block' text (Geoff)
[6] Get program - executive session (Paul)

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