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[802SEC] Hierarchy of WG OM and WG chair

Dear EC,


I have a question that I’d like input on.


Most working groups have an operations manual that defines procedures followed in the working group.

The question is whether the WG chair’s decision-making authority on procedural matters is below or above the WG’s OM.


The LMSC WG P&P states that the Chair decides process (in the duties of the chair).

Consider the WG P&P says “if x,  the chair may y”.

If the WG members approve a change to the OM that says “if x, the chair shall y”,  is this effective?


The context is retaining WG voting membership.   One or more WG members wish to remove the

requirement to respond to ballots by changing the WG OM so that the chair is forced to exercise

what is currently an option to maintain a voting member in that status,  even if they fail the ballot

return requirement.



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