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[802SEC] ground rules for EC workshop agenda item on

Dear EC members,
The ground rules for discussion during the workshop agenda item regarding the operational impact of the updated patent policy are set forth below.  I will make sure we strictly observe them.
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Dear Paul,


To avoid any confusion or unanticipated discussions during the session on Friday it would be best to make sure that everyone is on the same page with respect to what will be acceptable when discussing the Patent Policy.  I hope the discussion focuses on the following:


·         Operational issues

·         Issues that the Working Groups may be facing

·         Methods to resolve any issues


As governance matters are best left to PatCom, the SASB, or BOG, as appropriate, we should try to avoid the following:


·         The specific steps companies plan to take to implement, or not implement, the Patent Policy

·         A debate on the merits of the Patent Policy


Also, since the intent for this session was more of a problem solving open format, it might be best to avoid formal presentations so that you can get full participation from all involved. What do you think? You can make sure to recognize Rolf during the session.

To set the stage for the discussion, here is language to be read before the session:

Introductory language to be read before the session


The purpose of this session is to discuss operational issues that may have arisen since the adoption of the updated Patent Policy.  Specifically, this session can focus on any issues that the Working Groups may be facing and how the IEEE 802 EC can provide guidance and resources to address them.  During the session, the discussion will not address any individual participant’s or any participant’s employer’s implementation of the Patent Policy nor will there be discussion on the merits of the Patent Policy itself.  Governance matters are best suited for the appropriate IEEE-SA bodies. The 802 EC will forward to IEEE-SA governance any issues it believes is appropriate for consideration by those bodies.


The IEEE-SA also provides a wealth of information, including a tutorial and a comprehensive set of FAQs located on the PatCom materials webpage. 


Should you have any questions about the information on the PatCom materials webpage please feel free to contact the PatCom Administrator.  I would be glad to provide you with either the link to the materials page or the contact information for the Administrator if needed.  




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