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[802SEC] FW: 3GPP presentation to IEEE on LWA

Dear 802.11 members,


Please see below.    I am taking this as an official request from 3GPP to present to 802.11 participants

on the topic of LWA.  This relates to ongoing activities on “802.11 as a component” in 802.11,  which has

been discussed in our WNG and ARC standing committees, as well as the 802.11 plenary.


Details are yet to be determined for a presentation venue in 802.11.  IMHO,  WNG is probably the most




Best Regards,




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From: Sirotkin, Sasha
Sent: 16 February 2016 11:17
To: Stephens, Adrian P <>
Cc: 'Flore, Dino' <>; Burbidge, Richard C <>; '' <>; Heo, Youn Hyoung <>; ''Kevin Flynn' (' <>; Fong, Mo-han <>; 'Kitazoe, Masato' <mkitazoe@QTI.QUALCOMM.COM>
Subject: RE: 3GPP presentation to IEEE on LWA


Dear Adrian, all,


Just to clarify that I’ve sent this email as the LWA work item rapporteur on behalf of 3GPP based on the 3GPP RAN plenary chair (Dino Flore) request.


Best regards.


From: Sirotkin, Sasha
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 15:11
To: Stephens, Adrian P <>
Cc: Flore, Dino <>; Burbidge, Richard C <>; '' <>; Heo, Youn Hyoung <>; 'Kevin Flynn' ( <>; Fong, Mo-han <>; Kitazoe, Masato <mkitazoe@QTI.QUALCOMM.COM>
Subject: 3GPP presentation to IEEE on LWA


Dear Adrian,


After discussions with the 3GPP RAN leadership (Dino Flore, the RAN chair, Richard Burbidge, the RAN2 chair and Philippe Reininger, the RAN3 chair) we’ve agreed that it might be beneficial to have an official 3GPP presentation on LWA to IEEE. After quick offline discussion with you I understand that you also see the benefit in this initiative.


Therefore, I would like to make this official and to agree on the details, which is the reason I’m writing this email.


Can you please clarify which IEEE meeting should we target and confirm that you will be able to reserve a time slot for such presentation? Ideally, but probably not essentially, it would also be good to get an invitation from IEEE.


From 3GPP timeline perspective, the work item shall be completed by the RAN#71 plenary meeting in March 7-10. From my side as the work item rapporteur (and barring any unforeseeable issues) I believe that LWA should be complete by then, so any date after that should be fine from that perspective.


Best regards.

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