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[802SEC] Current State of 802.18 room assignments for 2016 March Plenary in Macau

Greetings and salutations,
I spoke with Paul Friday afternoon (Feb 26), and he suggested that while the e-mail I sent last week was sent to all the 802 EC members, it would be good to place it in the public record on the 802 EC listserver.

The Executive summary is that 802.18 has two mandatory slots: its opening plenary on Tuesday from 10:30am to 12:30pm, and a closing plenary on Thursday from 8:00 to -12:00pm.  802.18 also has a room assigned for adhoc preparation work Tues and Wed from 4-6pm each day.  The 802.18 chair may ask for more adhoc slots, but there are only 2 mandatory slots as determined by the EC Adhoc  see EC-16/09r1.

Back ground material:

Note that this is an Email that summarizes my understanding as of 19 February after a conversation with Rich Kennedy, and then the subsequent research found after the EC Workshop and the telephone call:
The  Email I sent last week is to all the EC members:

From: Jon Rosdahl []
Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2016 11:42 AM
To: Rich Kennedy <>; Bob Heile <>; Shellhammer, Steve <>; Darcel Moro Face To Face Events Inc. <>; Pat Thaler <>; Paul Nikolich <>; John D'Ambrosia <>; John Notor <>; Adrian Stephens <>; Mike Lynch <>
Cc: Rick Alfvin <>; Roger Marks <>; Steve Carlson <>; Tim Godfrey <>; Clint Chaplin <>; James P. K. Gilb <>; Subir Das <>; Glenn Parsons <>; Geoffrey O. Thompson <>; David Law <>; Pat Kinney <>; Apurva Mody <>; Hyeong Lee <>; Juan Carlos Zuniga <>; Chang Woo Pyo <>; Dorothy Stanley <>; John Messenger <>; Dawn Slykhouse <>; Lisa Ronmark <>

HI Rich,
  Just to recap our phone call for all.

1. The confusion for the times for 802.18 is unfortunate.
2. The agenda for the Friday EC Workshop originally was set to allow you (and Peter E) to be present for the discussion on 802.18.
3. The Agenda changed and you (nor Peter E) were present.
4. I presented the plan for 802.18 to have set times for Tues AM2 and Thursday AM1 as you had reported in 802.11 CAC and Closing plenary.
5. Pat told the group along with Mike and John N that it was to be Monday PM1 not Tues AM2.
Thaler presents ec-16-0008-00 - Mission statement
2016-01-5: D'Ambrosia will create a schedule for a plenary week that shows EC meetings, standing committees slot and 802.18 slot
6. After a bit of debate, the EC determined that there were two fixed times Monday PM1 (13:30-15:30) and Thursday AM1 (8:00-10:00). 
7. 802.18 could have some other times as adhoc sessions - non required slot times.
8. Mike has sent a couple of mixed messages to Darcel and I about the times, John N has indicated a different time for Thursday
9. You explained that the rationale for the 802.18 Tuesday AM2(10:30-12:30) time was to allow all the WG to have their opening plenaries on Monday, and the 802.11/.15 Reg SC could meet on Monday afternoon, and then 802.18 would be able to have a meeting where all the information could have been gathered, and work assignments made.  Then come back on Thursday Morning AM1 (8-10am) to allow 802.18 to complete their work prior to the WG closing plenaries.
10. I am trying to just hold the line on what I believed was agreed to in January.

Post our Telephone call:
1. In Checking the minutes from the adhoc minutes posted by Pat EC-16/0009r1: (

2)      Review organizational options

a.       Technical Advisory Group (TAG) vs Standing Committee (SC)?

                                                               i.      TAG is structurally OK, but needs the following changes to become more flexible

1.       Schedule two meetings per session at regular times (i.e., 8-10am Tuesday and 8-10am Thursday) during plenary weeks

a.       These two meetings are the ones counted toward attendance credit for voting membership

2.       TAG representatives to work with WG representatives between above two meetings to refine draft positions

3.       Reminder: WGs retain the ability to develop positions independent of the TAG

                                                             ii.       SC removes the ‘voting member’ barrier to active participation

                                                            iii.      Staw poll:  TAG with the changes above 7 (Roger, Dorothy, Rich, MikeL, Bob, Steve, Ben); SC 2 (Adrian, Paul); abs (MikeM, Walter)

b.      Mike agrees to run the  802.18 TAG in March in accordance with these changes.

Given this Factual rather than memory basis for our arguments heretofore,
 I would ask Paul to make a formal chair ruling that we move the Monday PM1(13:30-15:30) to Tuesday AM2 (10:30-12:30)
I would ask the group to allow the change, - I will work with Darcel, Mike and John N to make that change.

I will work with Darcel, Peter E, Rich K, Bob H. and Adrian, to move the 802.11/.15 Regulatory SC mtg currently slated for Tuesday AM2 (10:30-112:30) to Monday PM1 (13:30-15:30)
I will work with John D'Ambrosia to update his chart as well.

This has been a lot of struggle to get this according to the minutes,
I apologize for not insisting we look more closely at the minutes during the EC Workshop rather than all of us going off our memories.

Jon Rosdahl
IEEE 802 EC Secretary


Note Rich responded with an explanation and justification for what the Adhoc Decision was based on:

On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 11:19 AM, Rich Kennedy <> wrote:



I appreciate your efforts here. Here is the way I planned to run the new RR-TAG:


802.18 Chair collects regulatory information with implications for 802 WGs and discusses on weekly teleconferences


One week prior to the session, the information is sent to all of the affected WGs


Information is reviewed during the Wireless Chairs meeting Sunday


802.18 representatives attend WG Opening Plenaries, 802.18, asks for the need for special attention and/or responses on any of these or other issues


Tuesday, AM2, 802.18 meets to discuss the work for the week, and assigns work to small groups for responses


During the week, informal meetings will be used as required to finalize responses


Thursday AM1, 802.18 does final editing and votes to approve


WGs can approve during Closing Plenaries


Forward to EC for approvals



The RR-TAG has so little time to develop these regulatory responses, that efficiency is critical, and the reason I specified it this way. I also intended to hold weekly teleconferences, as regulator’s actions are asynchronous with our face-to-face meetings.

Please feel free to share this.


Rich Kennedy


Unlicensed Spectrum Advocates,  LLC [Stay Tuned!]

(737) 202-7014

John Notor provided his view here:
On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 11:20 AM, John Notor <> wrote:
Monday PM1 or PM2 is okay, even Tuesday is acceptable, but less attractive to me.

We need two time slots for the closing plenary to handle finalizing docs and voting. The DOD statement is 'everything is done the day before it's due', the 802.18 is 'everything is done at the last possible minute before adjourning', mostly driven by WG input cleanup and final editing. You can say this should all happen in ad hocs or other meetings before getting to 802.18, but in my nearly 14 years in 802.18 (I was there at the first official meeting), that has never actually happened.

We need time to vote out docs as completed, when we have multiple docs, which always seem to need last minute language tweaks on final review, that also drives the need for a two slot closing plenary.

John Notor
U.S. Mobile: 1.408.316.8312
I had asked Paul to make a formal Chair's Ruling, and he confirmed on the phone again last night that he agree that it was in the best interest of 802 and those that were at the EC RR adhoc to keep the Tues/Thurs mandatory slots scheme.

He asked that I post this thread to provide the details of how we came to this position.

IEEE 802 Executive Secretary

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